Automate Account Validations Worldwide

Trustpair provides instant vendor bank account validations to help you fight the risk of payment fraud.


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Validate accounts

locally and internationally



B2B Payment Fraud


Instant Account Validations

Calls, counter-calls, data searches:vendor account validations performed by financial teams do not provide sufficient protection against payment. Manual, time-consuming and highly fallible, a single vendor account validation takes over 30 minutes on average.

  • Automate account validations
  • Save time and money
  • Get instant evaluation

International Account Ownership Verifications

Verifying account ownership internationally is not a simple task for Finance teams. In addition to manual controls and the use of various data sources, specific tools only allow domestic validations. With Trustpair, access instant account validations worldwide.

  • Billions of bank accounts verified
  • 1000+ financial institutions in the network
  • Unrivalled coverage rate in USA, Europe and China

Perform compliant account validations

Account validations performed by Finance teams are uncertain and based on trust. There is no way for teams to keep track of the account validations performed by AP teams. Trustpair allows you to streamline your control processes while complying with regulations:

  • Traceability and history for each account validation
  • Vendor banking and company data risk assessment
  • Protection against errors and fraud risks

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